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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Rungrocery takes you to next level of grocery shopping. This app is designed to be useful, promising and desirable. By using this site, you accept the terms and conditions of use as outlined below. Rungrocery reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time, and you agree to be bound by any such modifications and agreed terms. Request you to visit this site from time to time to review any changes or updates to know revised changes and updates.

Rungrocery makes a simple grocery list, user adds to the cart. User may share the list with his or family member or other of his choice. It replaces a written grocery list written on paper to communicate online through this app. User takes his mobile list to the supermarket to buy groceries and it is done.

There are no purchases through the app and no commerce is done through the app and no money transaction is involved in the whole operation.

App also has section for recipes, “Yummy” and another one for health-related articles, “Be Healthy”.

Rungrocery is available at no cost to the user. User needs to register to avail all the features of Rungrocery with a user account which includes a valid Gmail address, a mobile number, and access to the internet is essential.

User needs to download Rungrocery app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. And the user is bound by terms of the above mentioned App Store and Google Play Store.

Rungrocery allows sharing grocery lists between rungrocery users of their choice. Other than sharing the grocery list, there are no other communication among (shared) users. Rungrocery shall be entitled to contact the User with messages via mobile or email if required.

Rungrocery does not initiate any contact with user unless user contacts rungrocery and request information or feedback.

At any time after registration If user wants to opt out using the app, the user may do so by deleting the account, where by Rungrocery will delete the user’s registration along with personal data.

Privacy Policy:

Our primary purpose in collecting personal data is to facilitate and provide the services or information only. Rungrocery strictly adhere to and respect the privacy of users. Such information, Rungrocery may use it to send administrative information, such as notices related to products and services, or to policy changes.

Rungrocery shall endeavour to ensure a high availability as much as possible. Rungrocery may change app design at any time without stating any reasons, in particular with regard to functionalities, if any.

Confidentiality: All information collected from the user by Rungrocery will be kept confidential and the same shall not be used for any other purpose except for registration, communication purpose.

Use of Personal Data Information:

The data, Name, mobile number, email id and City  collected when user enters in the process of registering in Rungrocery app are processed on the basis of Rungrocery’s legitimate interest to operate the app and understand how our app is used in order to be able to improve efforts and capabilities of the app.

Rungrocery will only use uses’ personal data (Mobile number, email id and location) for the purpose for which it was collected, (i.e. mobile number is to share grocery list with user’s family member or others chosen by the user and mail id when user initiates a feedback or contacts Rungrocery) or as otherwise permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

Limitations of Liability:

Subject to mandatory legal provisions, Rungrocery shall not assume any liability for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the app or in connection with Rungrocery.

In the case of violations of these terms of use and in the case of violation of rights and corresponding claims of third parties, the User shall expressly indemnify Rungrocery from any liability and shall be liable for damages vis-à-vis Rungrocery to the full extent.

Subject to mandatory legal provisions, the use of Rungrocery shall be exclusively governed by the laws in state of Telangana, India laws being the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

Any disputes or complaints shall be initiated within the territorial jurisdiction of relevant statutory authority or courts at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.