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Welcome to the Rungrocery . Your personal shopping companion and family grocery organizer.

Run grocery is a mobile app that you can install on your iOS or Android mobiles. It’s free and easy to use.

Rungrocery is the grocery shopping list. You can choose the items from the images in the app, store it and pickup items from supermarket from the list. As you pick up the items you can mark them off in the app.

The Power of Choice: We have the power of choice to decide which foods to buy at the grocery store. Making the healthiest food choices when shopping and eating out is a key to consuming a well-balanced diet.

Bringing a grocery list to the store (Hint: rungrocery.com) will help you focus on what you need to buy. Planning ahead can improve your health while saving you time and money. Before shopping, decide which foods you need, and the quantity that will last until your next shopping trip. When you check your stocks before going to the supermarket, you will know what to buy and you’ll only buy what you don’t have. So, aside from money and time, you’ll also prevent food waste.

Think about your menu ideas when adding items to your list. Have everyone in your family make suggestions for the shopping list. Kids (and adults too!) are more willing to try new foods when they help to pick them.

With the list in hand, the likelihood of purchasing unnecessary items will reduce significantly. In order to avoid temptation, you can just go to the aisles which contain the items you need.

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Rungrocery Shopping list for iOS & Android

You can install RunGrocery from the app store on your smart phone.

On iPhone, you can find RunGrocery in the App Store.
Launch the App Store app and search for “RunGrocery”.

Rungrocery will keep track of your shopping list and keep the list instantly synchronized on all the smart phones in your household.

We often go to the store and forget what we needed. And the scribbled grocery list is either we forgot at home or lost. Next time grocery shopping you need to rewrite the same list again and add few more items.

These problems are past with rungrocery. We made grocery shopping easier by organizing your grocery shopping list.

In addition, we are going to introduce mouth-watering recipes for you shortly

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How to Use

Please register with your name, mobile number and email id. We will not share your personal details with anyone. We need these to communicate with your to send latest grocery information.

The app is self-explanatory. However, below steps explain how to download and use:

When open app you will find at bottom HOME, YUMMY, BE HEALTHY and ACCOUNT.
We will explain HOME here. Rest are self explanatory.

  1. When you open the app, you will see grocery products by tapping categories.
  2. Tap the desired item, it will display “1” in top right corner. This is the quantity.
  3. You can change quantity by lightly tapping the item.
  4. If you do “long tap/press” you will get option to cancel the selection.
  5. Your selection is displayed in the cart at top right.
  6. If you tap on the cart, the selected items will slide from right. You can slide it back and continue to select.
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  1. On bottom left you will see three dots. If you tap the dots, you will get a selection:
    1. Item not listed: Here you can add your selection
    2. Share with: You can share your selection with your frieds or family members who have downloaded this app.
    3. Clear Cart: Will clear your selection.
  2. After selection is done you can tap cart and you will see the selection slide from right.
  3. Now you have three main options:
    1. Save: You can save the selection and get back to it later on to add more items. Use this list to shop at supermarket.
    2. Double ticks: You do this after you have purchased the items at supermarket. Your purchased list will be saved in Previous.
    3. Previous: Your purchase is saved and you can recall it by tapping PREVIOUS. This list is useful for your next shopping selection. Selected items will be added to the cart.
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Any family member, friend or roommate who has downloaded rungrocery app and is in your contact list can start a list and share with others. Any addition and deletion of the grocery items will be done real time.

Yummy Recipes:

While every nation in this world has its own food culture and history, we Indians have a penchant for thinking (quite rightly) that we can't do without our favourites. After all, every occasion in this country--religious, personal or related to anything else under the sky--is incomplete without a few dishes to celebrate with.

We want to present you recipes that are popular, every day food, yet easy to cook. We picked some of the popular chef’s food that is a variety of veg and non-veg. Please log in to the rungrocery app and find how to cook these mouth-watering foods.

Be Healthy:

We want to project healthy food habits to our app users. What we eat has a crucial impact on our health. That’s why we recommend cooking and eating wholesome food for a healthier life.

Buying healthy, nutritious food doesn't just mean you'll be eating delicious dishes; when you eat healthy foods, you help to improve your overall health — whether that's building muscle, sharpening your mind, or strengthening your heart.

The next time you drop by the market or order up a food delivery, make sure your grocery list contains as many of the foods we recommend in our app.

Please log in to rungrocery app to find best health from right food.



Please contact us for any suggestions, ideas. We welcome your views.

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